Yuhui District of Bengbu city in the west, the West will be the princes of the Tu Yu, West to Huaihe, south of Fengyang, is the ancient with the country, is the son of Yu the great, the first Chinese Wang Kai home. Yuhui District, superior location, convenient transportation, the North has thousands of miles of Huaihe first port, he Xu, Fu Bu highway, Chaoyang Road, Huaihe Road, Daqing Road, Huaihe road bridge passing through, the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan High-speed Rail High-speed Rail arranged in a crisscross pattern, adjacent to the Bengbu West passenger station terminal, Bengbu Airport, Xingang bridge, a total area of 220 square km, the population of 276000. In 2009 the division adjustment, cancel the street system, city directly into the sun, Xiushui, Ying Huai, Zhang Gongshan, golden, Daqing, Fairview, Diaoyutai, Xiyingmen 9 community. In another jurisdiction, Ma Qing Xiang town two townships, Tu mountain scenic area, a total of 39 administrative villages; to the east of Chaoyang Road, Yanshan Road West, mussels and bengshan District, north to Huaihe, West and Huaiyuan County connected Huaishang District, bordering Huainan, South and Fengyang County, city.

Industrial base

The area has a large and medium-sized enterprises of national, province, city of more than 30, the planning and construction machinery equipment Industrial Park, Yuhui modern port logistics park more than 10 industrial development platform, above scale industrial enterprises in more than 67, of which 3 listed companies, billion enterprise 14, 34 high-tech enterprises.

Science and technology resources

The area in the forty-first fortieth Research Institute of the Ministry of information industry, Research Institute, the first design and Research Institute of mechanical industry, glass industry design institute and other research institutes, in order to realize the production, learning and research, combining with the conditions be richly endowed by nature.


The ancient Tu"s country, as Da Yu states at local, Chinese civilization is one of the most important birthplaces, Da Yu culture. With the natural landscape of Huaihe gate 4A class Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Tianhe, Tu, Zhang Gongshan, black tiger, and Yu Xu, Yu Wang Gong, Diaoyutai and other historical and cultural relics, "Feng Zui Cun China huagudeng first village" is one of the first batch of Chinese engineering, national folk culture protection included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection list of flower drum lantern the art of.

Economic development

The first half of 2013, GDP completed 5270000000 yuan, up 12.1%. Fiscal revenue was 730000000 yuan, up 11.3%; of which the local financial revenue 360000000 yuan, up 34.3%. Total investment in fixed assets 3500000000 yuan, grow 32.6%. The total import and export $230000000, growth of 13.8%. The per capita cash income of farmers 5360 yuan, grow 15%. Strategic emerging industry output value of 7700000000 yuan, up 28.3%.Yuhui District People"s Government in the coated Road No. 429. Zip code: 233010. Code: 340304. Zip code: 0552. Pinyin: Yuhui Qu (Bengbu City, China). The government website: w...